6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Smartphone Clean In 2022

6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Smartphone Clean In 2022: Upgrading to the latest and new smartphone sounds great, but it might be expensive. Many people move towards new phones when their phone stops functioning as they used to. As time passes, phones also get older and start creating various issues as the battery life decreases and starts hanging.

ways to keep your phone clean

To deal with this problem, people switch to other devices rather than maintaining the existing ones. And this is because many people don’t know how to deal with problems that can be solved by following easy habits. Below are some of the best habits to keep your smartphone clean and keep the life of your device.

6 Best Ways To Keep Your Phone Last Longer

1] Delete Unnecessary Apps

Phones have limited storage that must be used wisely for a better experience. Many people install unnecessary apps that are useless and acquire space unnecessarily. This increases the work of the RAM and ultimately slows down your phone. Sometimes your phone starts hanging due to unauthorized apps installed from third-party websites.

Frequently delete unnecessary apps from your phone and avoid downloading apps and videos from third-party websites for the better performance of your phone. This habit can help you to create enough space for the other apps, and they can operate faster.

2] Frequently Update Your Apps

Second, frequently update the existing apps so that you don’t face any problems while operating your phone. Tech companies regularly come with new updates that provide you with the latest features as required with time. The older version starts creating problems as they carry so much data with them, and they become bulky. As a result, older versions slower your device and affect other apps and even your device.

So, keep updating your apps whenever required and use antivirus software to deal with malware that comes with the new apps. Also, update your antivirus with the time so that it can detect unwanted elements that can harm your device.

3] Avoid Overcharging Or Overworking

People used to overcharge their phones or use them until their battery lowered to zero per cent. This is not the right way to use your phone; it can cause damage directly to your battery and other hardware equipment. Overcharging can cause heat and can cause physical damage. Over usage can decrease the life of your battery and can affect the RAM, which can slow down your phone.

Don’t use your phone while charging, and charge your phone on time. Connect to the charger when your phone warns you to connect, or else you can charge your phone when you have below 15%. Don’t charge your phone when it is fully charged, as you can use it freely.

4] Replace The Broken Parts Of Your Phone

It usually happens that the power and volume buttons get loose or even stop working. Many people leave it as they find alternatives to using the same function. But this may cause damage to your device’s hardware and software, which can cause malfunctioning.

So, whenever any parts get damaged or start functioning appropriately, immediately replace the part for better performance.

5] Delete The Junk File For Proper Functioning

Smartphones are an essential part of our life; we can’t imagine our life without them. We proceed with several online and offline operations in our daily work. These phones create shortcut files in the backend to grab that result faster next time. And these files get stored in your device’s storage which is called junk files.

These files needed to be cleared frequently to function properly and provide enough space for the apps to operate well.

6] Use Cloud Storage To Store Your Images

There is limited storage for the files like images and videos. So, you should use cloud storage to store your data like images, even videos and important files. This habit helps to keep your phone clean, and your phone keeps functioning for a long time.

Final Verdict

Your phone is an essential part of your life that needs to be cleaned regularly from inside and outside both. Apart from clearing your storage and updating your software, your phone needs to be cleaned from the outside. You have the proper phone case, and clean your phone’s screen with a soft cloth so that it doesn’t get scratched. That’s All for the ways to keep your smartphone clean. If you have any suggestions please comment down below. For more great articles visit Gifts Junkie.

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