7 Ultimate Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Hanging In 2022

7 Ultimate Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Hanging In 2022: The constant hanging or not responding of phones is the greatest source of annoyance. No matter how latest or costly the smartphones are, it still hangs or freezes at times. The older the device gets, the more it hangs. The problem is that there is not only one but many reasons behind the constant lag that one experiences. Reasons like software faults to hardware faults are to blame.

tips to protect your phone from hanging

The solutions are many depending on the type of problems one faces with its device. Let us see some tips on how to prevent your phone from hanging.

Top 7 Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Hanging

With the power-packed, full of features, our smartphones are now built with the intention to do more tasks than ever before, but it comes at the cost of annoying lagging or hanging of the device. If you face the same problem, these tips to prevent the phone from hanging are for you.

1. Don’t Let Your Phone Overheat

Playing heavy-duty games or using the device for longer hours can result in overheating the phone. Anything above regular heating of the phone is abnormal, which results in lag and ultimately hangs your phone. To prevent this, you must not use your phone for longer hours, especially while charging. Do not run numerous apps at the same time.

2. Do Not Keep Unnecessary Applications On Your Phone

Unnecessary applications tend to slow your device by clogging the memory of your device. It lags and slows down the phone. Some apps stay idle on the phone, which we often forget about, and take up a great amount of space. Do not keep such apps that are not required by you anymore. You can even transfer applications from internal memory to external memory, that is, to your SD card, to free up space.

3. Install Antivirus Software

Installing an antivirus app has many benefits. Besides, removing viruses from your phone also aids in the proper functioning of your device. If the virus has made your phone its host, it is possible to see constant lags in your device. Sometimes the phone even switches off automatically because of simultaneous apps running without your knowledge. Antivirus is necessary to remove these kinds of menace from your device.

4. Make Use Of ‘Lite’ Version Of Bigger Apps

Many apps today have ‘lite’ versions available. You can install them instead of the original apps that take up greater space on your device. Lite versions, though they are slimmer alternatives to the bigger applications, do not compromise much on the features of the original one. By installing these lite versions, you can get the most out of their original applications while not choking your device’s memory, which will make it hang less.

5. Identify Problem Causing Resources

Problem-causing resources are those which cause the phone to slow down. These can be idle applications that you may have installed earlier that you do not need now or an app that takes up a lot more space. Go to Settings > Apps > Running Apps to see which app takes more space. This will help you in troubleshooting your area of concern. You can delete that particular app or try its lite version.

6. Keep Your Apps And Operating System Updated

It is a good practice to keep your OS and apps updated to eliminate all the possible bugs that have been acting as the source of lag in your device. The regular updates ensure security and avoid issues and bugs, which aid in preventing your phone from hanging. Sometimes latest updates bring new features with them.

7. Factory Reset

Factory Reset option is only to be used as the last resort, as it deletes everything from your phone, including contents from the gallery, documents, contacts, and applications. It makes your phone the way it was initially when you first bought it. All the internal memory will be cleared by factory reset. After completing the reset option, you are advised to restart the phone to enable the device’s proper functioning.

Final Thoughts

All these tips mentioned above are tried and tested to make your phone hang less. Do not forget to regularly update your OS and apps and clear unwanted applications. Regular clearing data and clearing caches also keep your phone far from lagging. That’s All about tips to prevent your phone from hanging. If you have any suggestions or queries please comment down below. For more great article please Visit Gifts Junkie.

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