How To Sync Your Smartphone With Your Tablet And Laptop?

How To Sync Your Smartphone With Your Tablet And Laptop?: It is quite time-consuming and disturbing to see your phone when a message or notification pops up on the device while you are using your laptop. The notification might be of great importance that you would not like to miss out on. But attending to the phone while using the laptop can be a source of annoyance as well as lessen your productivity at work.

How To Sync Your Smartphone With Your Tablet And Laptop

So, what can be the solution to the aforesaid problem? It is to sync your smartphone with your tablet and laptop.

The benefits of syncing your smartphone to other devices are many. Some of it includes accessing the files on all your devices, easily recovering data if one device gets stolen or damaged, interacting with people across various devices, etc.

How To Sync Your Smartphone With Your Tablet And Laptop?

With the option of various devices for daily use, it confuses us when we have to access different media on different devices. It is better to sync all the available devices with smartphones for better accessibility. Let’s look at how to sync your smartphone with your tablet and laptop.

1. Sync Android Over The Internet

If you have an android smartphone that you want to connect to your laptop, then the following steps are for you. You just need to ensure that you have an internet connection enabled on both of your devices.

Step 1:  Go to Settings on your Windows laptop and click on the Phone option; if unable to find this option, type phone on the search bar.

Step 2: Select Link Phone and then click on Add a Phone.

Step 3: Now, a new window will appear in which you have to select Get Started.

Step 4: For smartphones other than Samsung, you will be asked to install an app ‘Link to Windows’ on your smartphone. Install that application if not pre-installed.

Step 5: A QR code will be presented on your laptop screen, which you have to scan with the help of your in-app camera on your smartphone.

Step 6: Allow permissions to be asked for on your smartphone and laptop, and you are ready to receive calls, texts, and other files that you access on your smartphone on your laptop.

If you uninstall the application on your phone, you might need to repeat the setup process again. In China, only Honor phones are allowed to sync with a windows laptop, and in Samsung laptops, the app ‘Link to Windows’ is pre-installed.

2. Sync Your IPhone With Laptop

If you are looking to sync your iPhone with a Windows laptop, then these steps are to be followed. You need to plug in the lightning club from the laptop to the iPhone. These steps are for syncing media files to be synced with your laptop. For other files, such as documents or photos, you need to use iCloud.

Step 1: The first step is to install the latest version of iTunes on your laptop.

Step 2: On the laptop, in the iTunes app, click on the iPhone button placed at the top left of the iTunes window.

Step 3: Now, you have to select the content that you want to sync, such as movies, songs, or any other media.

Step 4: Select Sync to turn on the syncing option of that particular item.

Your data, such as photos, files, etc., remain updated across all your devices where you’re signed in with your Apple ID, which can even be used on a Windows PC to access your iCloud data.

There is no dearth of third-party apps that aid in syncing your smartphone to other devices. You just need to be aware that the app that you are installing for syncing devices is from a trusted source.

How To Unlink Devices From Smartphones?

For any reason, if you feel like unlinking your laptop or tablets from your smartphone, you can do so by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to the Phone section on your laptop.

Step 2: Click on Unlink Phone.

Now your smartphone is successfully unlinked from the laptop.

Final Verdict

With the myriad of devices available, we face a loss in productivity while working from one device to another. It is better to sync all your devices together, but at the same time, one needs to be careful regarding the privacy breach as one can get hold of all the data even if one device gets stolen. In this case, you can unlink your device from your smartphone. That’s all about How To Sync Your Smartphone With Your Tablet And Laptop. Comment Down below if you have any suggestions. For More informative articles please visit Gifts Junkie.

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