How To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone?

How To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone?: The most annoying thing while using a smartphone is when it gets discharged frequently. It is a common problem while using a smartphone because of the heavy games and tasks that we perform on our phones.

How To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

The batteries of smartphones have been replaced by lithium-ion cells, and hence our smartphones now enclose lithium ions which deteriorate and age with time. Maximizing our smartphone’s battery life is essential to get the most out of our device. Let’s see the best ways how you can maximize the battery life of your smartphone.

7 Best Tips On How To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

Battery ages with time, which is an inevitable process, but you can delay the aging process with the proper usage of your device. There are some ways to maximize the battery life of your Android or iOS.

1. Turn Power Saving Mode On

Most of today’s smartphones come with the ‘Power Saving Mode feature,’ which disables the features not required at the moment and limits the CPU usage. In some apps, it also disables the notifications and updates to limit battery usage while reducing screen frame rate and lowering the device’s brightness. Make it a habit of enabling power-saving mode when using the smartphone.

2. Don’t Use Phone While Charging

You might have noticed that charging your smartphone in the switched-off state or leaving it idle speeds up the charging process. This is because the device heats up less when switched off or not used. It is a good practice not to use the phone when charging, which saves it from overheating. While you can perform simple tasks, it is not recommended to play heavy games while charging any device. In the long run, it deteriorates the phone’s battery.

3. Remove Your Charger Before Hitting 100%

This is where most of us go wrong. We keep our smartphones plugged into the charger until it reaches 100%. If you want to keep your phone’s battery in good health, it is necessary to charge it at regular intervals. It is advised to unplug the charger before it hits 100%, preferably at 90%. It inflicts less stress on your smartphone, saving lithium-ion batteries from aging faster.

4. Using ‘Lite’ Versions Of Bigger Apps

The ‘Lite’ apps are the slimmed-down versions of big apps. They do not have all the original application’s features, but you would not miss out on important features. These are specially created to consume less space on the device for smooth functioning. It helps in the long run by extending the battery life as less stress is inflicted on your device by using these lighter versions of the app.

5. Avoid Idle Charging

Idle charging is the main enemy of deteriorating battery life. Charging beyond 100% builds up heat over time. It exposes the battery to higher heating which shortens the battery’s lifespan in the long term. Things like charging the phone overnight or keeping it under the pillow while charging creates heating issues and damage the lithium battery.

6. Turning Location Services Off

Turning off the location services saves your battery from draining faster. Some apps use location services every time without your permission. Switching off the location services also blocks those apps, increasing your privacy and not letting these apps run in the background. It saves your data as well, besides increasing battery life.

7. Limit Playing Heavy Or Intensive Games On Your Device

If you are a hard-core gamer, you might have noticed that playing heavy and intensive games on your phone heats it up to another level which requires frequent charging. Some games put a lot of strain on your device’s battery which is not good for their health. If you want to maximize the battery life, you should avoid playing heavy-duty games on your phone regularly.


Overheating is the biggest enemy of damaging the battery health of smartphones. Inculcating these small tips in your daily habits of charging and using your device will yield beneficial results in terms of increasing the battery’s lifespan. That’s All for How To Increase The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone article. For more exciting updates visit Gifts Junkie.

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