Top 5 Essential Features Of The Android Phone You Must Use

The Essential Android Feature Probably You Are Not Using In 2022: Android mobile phones are used more widely than any other mobile operating system because they are very easy to use and provide more features than other smartphones. Android phone software is very versatile and customizable. Due to that, Android is the first choice of people when it comes to specifications and ease of use.

essential android features you must use

Android smartphones have countless features, but many people do not know some essential features, and if they know, unfortunately, they are afraid of applying changes.

With every update, Android software is added with new features, but people aren’t aware of it. Most of us don’t know how to use an Android mobile phone to its full potential.

So here, we are going to see some amazing essential Android features you probably are not using.

Top 5 Essential Features Of The Android Phone You Must Use

1. Google Screen Search On Top Of The Screen

The Google search screen is one of the best Android mobile phone features that people fail to look at. This feature helps you get the current topic information on your mobile screen. If playing, the Google screen search displays the movie information.

To activate this feature, you must go to your Android phone’s settings. Then, you have to click on the screen search bar and turn ON the first option to get the Google search on the screen.

2. Cast Your Android Screen

Casting your Android mobile screen in your TV or projector is the major feature of the Android phone which people generally do not use.

To cast your mobile screen to your projector, you must go on the connection & share/cast in the setting. Then, you have to toggle on the cast option and turn it on. After that, you will be notified to connect your mobile, TV, or projector with the same Wi-Fi network. After connecting to Wi-Fi, your mobile screen gets cast on your TV and projector.

3. User Account

Sometimes it happens that there is only one tablet in the family and many family members use the tablet. Every member arranges the mobile app according to their own needs, creating a problem for other users.

To get rid of this problem, Android has given the feature of creating multiple user accounts. You can create the user account by going into the settings of your Android phone and opening the user setting in, which gets the “ADD USER” option. Then, you need to click on that option. Further, tap on the “set up now” after this, you can add the other user account for your personal use.

4. Bring Back Lost Notification

Sometimes you want to open the notification, but accidentally you swipe, and the notification gets swiped, and you cannot read the notification.

To solve this problem, you will have to tap and hold the screen of your mobile; a screen adjusting pop-up comes then, and you have to select the notification Log from the list and tap the icon to see the notification list.

5. Smart Lock

The smart lock is one of the best features of the Android mobile phone, and people are also aware of this feature. The smart lock automatically unlocks your phone when you are at home, or you have connected the smartwatch with your phone. It automatically unlocks the phone when it gets closer to your smartwatch.

To activate this feature, you have to go to the setting. Then, you have to click on the security and choose the trusted agents, and there you get an option “Smart Lock.” Firstly you have to Set a lock first and then enable the option.

Wrap Up

In this article, we have gone through the essential Android phone features you are probably not using. If you want to know the hidden features of the Android phone, then by reading this article, you will be able to learn about the essential features of Android Mobile phones. That’s All for Essential Features Of The Android Phone You Must Use. For more Exciting Updates Visit Gifts Junkie.

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